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  • How to calm your dog’s bad habit of barking, growling, lunging, and pulling that even the big-box pet store trainers can’t cure.
  • No more moving to the side of the road when another dog approaches. No more embarrassing dirty looks from judgemental neighbors. No more pushing your dog’s back-side down to “get” them to sit while having to chant “sit, sit, sit,” and getting a… “oh, you’re one of THOSE dog owners” looks.
  • Why thinking your dog is just, “not obedient enough yet,” or that you “just need to be more consistent” is totally WRONG!
  • How to give your dog the tools to overcome challenging situations. Not only will your dog be more relaxed, but you will start feeling tangible relief from all the tension building inside from managing so many reactive situations.
  • What’s actually happening when you try to “control” your dog and how it’s not helping them handle stressful situations appropriately.
  • Why continuing to do what the obedience trainers taught you is basically giving your dog permission to misbehave and never take responsibility for his own actions.
  • The mindset secret that’s at the heart of all doggie disobedience issues. It amazes me how many formally schooled dog trainers don’t know this secret.
  • Why I stopped offering “Board and Train” (B&T) services and how this industry-standard system often makes the challenges you’ve had with your dog get even worse.
  • An “impossible to mess up” method for learning to communicate with your dog that brings you the added joy of building a stronger, more rewarding relationship in addition to giving your dog greater self-confidence.
  • A simple, much shorter path than most trainers prescribe to stop your constant “what if” worrying… “what if you didn’t hold the leash tight enough… what if your dog really attacked the other dog… what if your dog accidentally nips the other dog’s owner… what if… what if… what if…”
  • Why your regular walking routine is teaching your dog to become really good at behaving BADLY.
  • The missing communication link between you and your dog and how filling this gap finally helps your dog feel that you understand him, that you see him, and that you’re on his side.
  • The single biggest missed opportunity for greatly improving your dog’s behavior and why your incorrect assumptions about what your dog is “supposed to do” are blinding you to this possibility.

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